Loaded™ Everyday card

Unfortunately we’ve made the decision to close the Loaded™ Everyday product. While we and our customers loved the product we simply didn’t have enough people using it. Please be advised that all Loaded Everyday cards will be closed on 31 January, 2017.

If it is the prepaid Visa functionality you value most you could open a Loaded for Travel card instead – find out more here.

If you require more information please contact us on enquiries@loadedcard.co.nz.

Closing your card

Before closing your card, we recommend that you go to My Account and print off a transaction history for your records. We will not be able to provide a paper statement for you.

You can request to have a card closed by downloading a Loaded Everyday card closure form. Fees may apply. Fill in the form, scan it and email it to enquiries@loadedcard.co.nz or fax it to us on (04) 472 3091.