Loaded Everyday

    Getting a card

  • Please be advised that the sale of new Loaded Everyday cards will stop on 30 September 2015.

    If it is the prepaid Visa functionality you value most you could open a Loaded for Travel card instead - find out more here.

    If you are an existing Loaded Everyday cardholder you will still be able to load money on to your card and will still be able to make purchases as you normally would.

    Should you require more information please contact us at enquiries@loadedcard.co.nz  

  • Using my card

  • Are there fees applicable?

    Yes, see the Fees page for more information.

  • Where can I use my Loaded Everyday card?

    You can use your card at EFTPOS for in-store purchases, online, over the phone, via mail order and at ATMs to access cash anywhere that accepts Visa. Your card works overseas as well as all around New Zealand.

  • What is a substitute card number?

    The substitute card number is printed on the back of your Loaded Everyday card. You can give this number to another person so they can load your card for you, without having to give them your 16 digit card number. It's a security measure for you to use if you want to.

  • Can I select my own PIN and change my PIN?

    Yes, you can select your own PIN when you set up the card. You can also change your PIN online, via our automated phone service and at PostShops.

  • Will I need to activate my card?

    If you’ve picked up your card at a PostShop, it will be activated and ready to start using as soon you load it.

    If you have a replacement card you’ll need to activate it first. Go to www.loadedeveryday.co.nz and click on “first time login” and follow the instructions. Or, call 0800 562333 and enter your phone PIN (this is your birth date-dd/mm, e.g. if you were born on the 4th of January, you would enter 0401) to activate your card. Then press ‘4’ to choose your card PIN.

  • How can I load my Loaded Everyday card?

    You can load your Loaded Everyday card account with cash or EFTPOS at your local PostShop, or through your internet banking. You can also set up an automatic payment to the card.

    If someone else is loading your Loaded Everyday card for you, you should give them your substitute card number (which is printed on the back of your card). It's a security measure and means you don’t need to share your 16 digit card number. 

  • How do I set up an Automatic Payment or transfer money from my bank account?

    When it comes to loading your LoadedTM Everyday card electronically, you can set LoadedTM Everyday up as a Bill Payee. Just select Loaded Everyday and you will be prompted to provide card details specific for your account.

    To complete any of these actions, you’ll need the following details: 

    • Account number - 38 9011 0223622 06
    • Particulars - please enter the first 12 digits of your card number in this field with no spaces between the numbers
    • Code - please enter the last 4 digits of your card number in this field
    • Reference - please enter your surname in this field 

    If your bank doesn't ask you to complete three separate fields (i.e. Particulars, Code and Reference) please enter your Loaded card number and the first four characters of your surname in the field provided. Please note: Weekend payments made after your banks cut off time on a Friday night will only be processed with Monday's overnight payments.

  • I'm a Kiwibank customer using internet banking how can I re-load my Loaded Everyday card?
    • Log in to Kiwibank internet banking
    • Select the “Pay & Transfer” tab from the menu at the top
    • Select the “Pay a bill” box
    • Follow the step by step instructions entering Loaded Everyday in the search for biller field
    • Tick the box to save LOADED EVERYDAY Card in your payee list so future payments are ready to go
  • How long will it take for money to appear in my Loaded Everyday card account?

    If you load your card at a PostShop, the funds will be immediately available.

    When you load your card from a bank account by internet banking or in store at selected distributors, standard bank processing times apply. You can check your account balance on My Account, by text or through our automated phone service.

  • What buttons do I use on an ATM?

    Always press 'credit' at ATMs both in New Zealand and when overseas.

  • What buttons do I use at EFTPOS?

    Always press 'credit' at EFTPOS both in New Zealand and when overseas.

  • Can I get cash out at EFTPOS?

    Cash is only available when using your Loaded Everyday card at banks or some hotels.

  • How do I use my card to pay for things online?

    You'll need to enter your card number and CVV2 number if required. 

  • Can I use Loaded Everyday on PayPal, iTunes and TradeMe?

    Yes. You can use Loaded Everyday on these sites.

  • What happens if my card is lost or stolen?

    You should let us know immediately so we can stop the card and arrange a replacement. Call us on 0800 LOADED (562333) or +64 4 4605373 when overseas. Fees may apply.

  • What are card authorisations?

    Some businesses, like hotels and car rental companies, will need to check that you have enough money on your card before you pay your final bill. This is called a 'card authorisation'. 

    If a merchant asks for a card authorisation, we'll put some of your card balance on hold for the transaction so your available balance will be different from the current balance. Card authorisation requests will hold the funds in your account for up to five days.

  • Where can I see any card authorisations on my card?

    Any card authorisations that are holding funds (up to five days) against your card can be seen online and are also provided via our automated phone service.

  • What can I do through the automated phone service?

    You can change your PIN, obtain an account balance and the last 10 transactions including card authorisations.  Just follow the voice prompts. 

  • Are there any transactions I can't use my Loaded Everyday card for?

    Your Loaded Everyday card doesn't work in "zip-zap" machines (manual imprinters).

    Your Loaded Everyday card can't be used for some taxis, for gambling and for some services where an online merchant requires that your identity be authenticated against details stored on your card.

  • How it works

  • Do I earn interest on my savings?

    No. Your Loaded Everyday account balance does not earn interest.

  • How can my Loaded Everyday card get a negative balance?

    The way that certain merchants charge or process payments can sometimes result in a charge on the card which exceeds the available balance, without the card declining. Examples include hotels and car rental agencies.

    You can guard against this by checking your available balance regularly, and confirming with merchants (before you authorise a transaction) what they can charge on the card. Additionally, you should also be aware that merchants may authorise an amount on your card as a hold on funds which will affect your available balance until this amount is released by the merchant.

    In addition Loaded Everyday card fees are deducted from the card balance and can put your card into negative balance if there aren't sufficient funds to cover the fees.

    You are required to pay back any negative balance.

  • What if I exceed the available balance on my card?

    Where a merchant does charge an amount to the card that exceeds the available balance and we are required to honour the transaction, you must pay us the excess immediately. The same applies if you knowingly spend amounts that we have mistakenly loaded on the card in excess of what you have paid to us for that purpose.

    In both cases, the outstanding amount is not a loan, and will not accrue interest. We may write to you at your last known mailing or email address to inform you of the excess or use any contact method for which we hold your relevant information to get in touch with you (for example by phone or text), and if you do not pay within 30 days of our message, we can also recover from you any costs that we incur for the purpose of collecting or enforcing the outstanding amount, including legal fees, court costs and debt collection charges.

  • What happens when the card expires?

    Your card will expire after three years and at our option may be renewed.  We will advise you prior to your card expiring and any new card send out to you will have a new card number.

  • What are the limits on the card?

    Click here for more information about limits.

  • Can my card be cancelled or suspended?

    We may cancel or suspend your card if we think there is a good reason to do so.

    This might include if:

    • you have breached the Loaded Everyday Terms and Conditions,
    • we have reason to believe that another may have interest in the available balance,
    • we believe your card is being used to facilitate fraud, money laundering or other criminal offences,
    • where multiple transactions on the card are declined in short succession, or
    • the available balance is nil and your card has not been used for six months.
  • Do I get the balance of the card account back if I close it?

    If you ask us to, we'll refund the card balance to you, less any fees that apply. Click here for the Account Closure Form.

  • What is the CVV2 number?

    It is the three digit number on the back of the card next to the signature panel. Some merchants may request this number to complete a transaction.

  • Do I get a statement?

    We won't send you a paper statement. You can see your transactions and export them yourself online. You should always view your transactions before closing your card.

  • My transactions and information

  • What if I can’t log onto the online service?

    To get the best experience accessing My Account or www.prepaidaccount.co.nz we recommend using Internet Explorer 8+

  • If I’m a customer of Kiwibank, does changing anything online change my personal information with Kiwibank?

    No, online access relates to the servicing of your Loaded Everyday card only. Make sure you let Kiwibank know if you need to change your general banking information.

  • Where can I get my card balance?

    Online or via our automated phone service. Click here for more information.

  • Can I get my transaction information?

    Yes, your transaction information is available at My Account, or via our automated phone services.

  • How can I log into the online My Account service?

    Click on First time login. You will be asked to enter your Date of Birth (DOB), card number and CVV2 number when you first logon. You will be prompted to change your password and enter a user code for future access.

    Please note: If you attempt to login to My Account and are unsuccessful three times, you will be locked out you will need to call our Loaded Everyday card support team on 0800 LOADED (562333) to unlock this for you.

  • What other phone services can I get?
  • Can I dispute or chargeback a card transaction?

    Yes, you can dispute a transaction on your Loaded Everyday card that you think is incorrect or unfair. See Disputed transactions.

  • About Loaded Everyday

  • What's the difference between a Loaded Everyday card, a Prezzy card, a debit card and a credit card?

    Prezzy card is a prepaid gift card that you can buy as a present for someone else (or for yourself). Prezzy cards can only be loaded once, at the time of purchase.

    A Loaded Everyday card is also a prepaid card but one that you would buy for your own personal use. Loaded Everyday cards can be reloaded (topped up) as often as you like.

    A Loaded Everyday card is different from a debit card because it is not linked to a bank account and you do not need to have a bank account to have one. Debit cards are linked to a bank account so you must be a customer of a bank to get one. 

    A Loaded Everyday card is different from a credit card because it's prepaid. This means you have to load funds onto your Loaded Everyday card before you can use it. With a credit card you are essentially borrowing the funds to make a purchase and you have to pay back the funds at a later date.

*Loaded Everyday cards are also available from selected distributors.