Online and phone services

Control your spending and manage your Loaded™ Everyday account online or over the phone.

Online services

On the Loaded Everyday website you can:

  • check your balance any time
  • view your transactions and any card authorisations
  • view and print statements
  • change your PIN
  • update your personal details.
  • lock and unlock your card
  • close your card
  • change your My Account password

Simply click on My Account. On your first visit you’ll be asked to enter your date of birth (DOB), full card number and the CVV2 (three-digit) number on the back of the card. You’ll then be prompted to change your password and enter a user code for future access.

Automated phone service

You can use our automated phone service to change your PIN, activate your card, lock and unlock your card, report a lost or stolen card, get your card balance and hear your last 10 transactions and any card authorisations. Just call 0800 LOADED (562 333) and follow the voice prompts. The first time you use it, please use the day and month of your birthday (e.g. 0208 if it’s 2 August) as your PIN. Fees apply.